How an injected cocktail can improve your hair and skin

Mesotherapy Injectable Treatment Woman Needle Skin

When you think of a cocktail, you probably picture an espresso martini or an old fashioned… but did you know a certain type of cocktail can be injected into your skin too? The treatment is called mesotherapy and it’s been around for almost 70 years!

It was first developed in 1952 by the renowned French practitioner Dr Michel Pistor, who first used injectable cocktails for managing pain and vascular disorders. It’s since developed to be a common treatment for cosmetic purposes and has all sorts of great skin benefits.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a well-established treatment that involves a practitioner injecting micro-doses of a mixture or ‘cocktail’ of ingredients directly into the skin or fat tissues. The cocktail is injected either manually, using a very fine needle, or by using a mesotherapy or ‘meso’ gun.

This cocktail might include: vitamins, mineral elements, amino acids, nucleotides, coenzymes, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.

These substances aim to stimulate your body’s fibroblasts, which are the cells found in connective tissue that produce collagen to help give our skin its youthful look. By keeping the fibroblasts active, the skin is able to increase or maintain its tone and hydration.

What results can be achieved with mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is commonly used to rejuvenate both young and ageing skin of all tones. It can improve lines and wrinkles on the face, neck, hands and body. Mesotherapy can also be used to improve cellulite, stretch marks, fat, hair loss, vitiligo, hyperpigmentation and acne.

The treatment usually takes around 30 minutes and can be described as ‘uncomfortable’ rather than painful. Anaesthetic cream is commonly used to help with sensitivities.

Practitioners will generally recommend several sessions of mesotherapy spaced a few weeks apart for optimum results, but this very much depends on the condition treated, the types of components that are injected and the techniques followed by the practitioner.

Mesotherapy is often used with other treatments to enhance results such as cosmeceuticals, carboxytherapy, dermal fillers, botulinum toxin, and more!

What to consider before mesotherapy treatment?

The treatment has limited downtime and common short-term side effects include mild pain, redness, swelling, and bruising, which can persist for a few days. It’s possible to have an infection following the treatment, but a reputable practitioner will adhere to strict hygiene protocols and provide thorough aftercare instructions to avoid this.

It’s important to note that there are reports that mesotherapy guns may have a higher chance of infection if they are not thoroughly sterilised after each use. Ensure you ask your practitioner about their hygiene protocols for a safe treatment.

The other consideration is that as there are so many different mesotherapy ingredients and cocktails, results might vary from person to person. Ensure you visit a reputable practitioner who uses premium products and ingredients with a proven safety record.

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