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As the days get lighter and the sun starts to shine, we all know what is fast approaching – wedding season! And, with many people’s big day’s having been postponed due to COVID-19, some of you have literally been waiting YEARS to walk down the aisle. Of course, getting married is about a loving union between two people, but it also means you need to look a million dollars. Let’s be honest, no woman wants dry skin or a breakout showing in those all important wedding photos!

So, if your big day is just around the corner and you want to find out how to get that flawless wedding skin, look no further. Beauty Uncovered spoke to dermatologist Dr Emma Craythorne, who gave us her tips on how you can achieve the perfect bridal glow!

Dr Emma Craythorne,
152 Harley Street
IG: @dremmacraythorne

The months before…

Dr Craythorne notes that different goals have different time frames, so it’s important to get your skin desires and concerns assessed as soon as possible so that your practitioner can create the right plan for you. She notes, “You can’t get the perfect outcome overnight, so seeing a dermatologist to have your skin assessed properly ahead of your wedding would be a great place to start. For example, if you have acne scarring you want to start the prep at least a year in advance, whereas if you have some redness or if you’re looking for skin glow, then around four to six months would be the appropriate time frame. It’s better to know this in advance than go in a month before your wedding and realise you’re too late!”

From there, she explains that the correct skincare routine will be discussed with you, as well as any energy-based device or injectable treatments that may be used alongside it, as these will need to be done way before the wedding date. “Any laser or injectable treatment should be done around six weeks before a wedding – a light intense pulsed light (IPL) photofacial could be done around one week before the wedding,” she says, adding, “This is because all of these aesthetic treatments will have minor side effects and downtime, and you want all of these to be fully settled before the big day. It also allows for corrections in case there are any bigger issues, such as a vascular occlusion or an uneven result.”

The week before…

Dr Craythorne adds that while you may have months of skin preparation behind you, you should still be taking good care of your skin in the days prior to, and on the morning of, the wedding. She comments, “The skin should be well hydrated from the inside and the outside – drinking good amounts of water, having a solid nights sleep, and doing some cardio exercise will really help with this. I also recommend using hyaluronic acid on the skin, followed by an emollient and ice globes (cooling wands used to soothe redness, and decrease inflammation), which can be great for adding to the glow.”

If you encounter any last-minute issues e.g., a breakout in the days before the wedding, Dr Craythorne’s best advice is not to panic! She says, “Don’t react with anything crazy that you’ve found on the internet, like putting toothpaste on a spot – this is a myth and can actually irritate and inflame your acne even more. Instead, contact your practitioner – spots can have a little steroid injection in them which helps to reduce inflammation and swelling. Or you can cover with a salicylic acid hydrocolloid spot plaster, which you can get from most drugstores.”

Don’t forget about your body!

While there is a huge focus on making sure your face remains glowy and spot-free, Dr Craythorne reminds you to take care of your body too. She comments, “The face won’t be the only bit of skin on show, and there are many things you can do in the lead up to the wedding to make sure your neck, arms and legs are also looking good. Personally, I recommend a gentle body exfoliation with lactic acid containing products, followed by moisturising with creams containing urea and glycerine.”

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