Muscle Stimulation

Find out how you can get toned without going to the gym

Getting a toned and sculpted body used to only come as a result of hard work in the gym and following a strict diet, but now there exists technology which can improve your body shape after only a few short sessions in an aesthetic clinic.

How does it work?

Current devices on the market commonly use high intensity focused electromagnetic field (HIFEM) and
electrical muscle stimulation (EMS).

An EMS treatment uses electric impulses to contract the muscle, causing muscle fibres to undergo microscopic tears, much like a typical strengthening workout. The body will attempt to repair this damage, leading to increased muscle size and strength. A HIFEM treatment works in a similar way but uses a magnetic field to produce an electric current in the muscle, resulting in muscular contractions.

Current devices on the market include EMsculpt, StimSure, TESLA Former, CM Slim and Trusculpt Flex.

These devices can cause up to tens of thousands of contractions in around an hour – try doing that at home!

After the procedure

There are no side effects or complications from muscle stimulation, aside from mild muscle soreness. But in order to maintain your new physique following the treatment, and to continue to optimise these results, you need to remain mindful of your diet and exercise.

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