The Zoom Boom and Cosmetic Treatments

Are video calls making you feel insecure? You’re not alone! Here’s why video calls are causing more people to seek cosmetic treatments 

Zoom Face Aesthetic Treatment

If you’re someone who’s been using platforms like Zoom or Teams on a daily basis, it’s likely you’ve started noticing some imperfections that may not have stood out to you before. Maybe you see new lines, deeper wrinkles or skin sagging, or you might just feel that you look tired all the time.

Dubbed the ‘Zoom effect’, ‘Zoom Face’ or the ‘Zoom Boom’, this phenomena is affecting people of all ages and genders.  

London-based aesthetic practitioner Dr David Jack says appointments are up by 20% since before the pandemic and attributes much of this increase due to the Zoom Boom.

Dr David Jack
Dr David Jack

Why is there a rise in cosmetic treatments due to video calling?

I’ve had a significantly higher number of enquiries lately for a number of reasons. After the first coronavirus lockdown we had a rush of people desperate to get their regular treatments in. But we also had a flood of new patients coming in because so many people are noticing more of the effects of ageing after being on so many video calls.

Almost every day I see people that cite this as a reason for coming to see me – particularly for the lower face and around the eye area. We are calling it the Zoom Effect.

Men and women are particularly noticing that their jowls (the sagging skin below your chin or jawline) are appearing to get worse, their necks are starting to look like crepe paper, and the area under their eye is more hollow. 

I think that because of the fairly unflattering lighting (unless you use a ring light) and camera angle, video technology tends to make people notice the effects of ageing far more. We aren’t used to seeing ourselves so frequently! 

Once noticed, it’s hard to not think about it and many will want to seek remedies to help rectify and improve your look. Skin also has a tendency to appear dull on camera, especially with poor lighting, so we’ve seen an increase in uptake of skin treatments for this reason.

What can be done to improve your Zoom Face?

There are ways to look better – you can apply better lighting and play with your camera angles, for example, which should help you see some improvement. But to fix the problem in real life, it may mean having a little bit of filler. 

The sunken area under your eyes that often looks worse over Zoom is called a ‘tear trough’. As you get older, the area loses support and volume, so a little dermal filler applied underneath can fill the face making it look younger and fresher while also staying natural. I also often add a little filler by the cheek bone, as well as in the jawline and chin, which can help lift the jawline and neck area. 

Other skin-boosting treatments can involve procedures like Profhilo that can be injected into both the neck and face to improve your skin quality. This injectable skin remodelling treatment contains one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid (HA) on the market, especially formulated for people whose skin lacks volume and elasticity. My other top treatment for improving skin quality is the Morpheus8, which is a radiofrequency microneedling procedure that can help tighten and tone the skin on the neck. 

Of course, these are only some of the treatments available that might help you to improve your cosmetic concerns. A good aesthetic practitioner will conduct a full medical consultation to provide you with the best honest advice to suit your individual needs. Also remember, ageing is a perfectly natural, normal occurrence and every single one of us will go through the ageing process. Perhaps no treatment is actually needed and a good practitioner will not take advantage of the Zoom Boom and advise you accordingly.

Want to hear more from Dr David Jack? See his Instagram video on treating Zoom face and more on Beyond Beauty’s Instagram. 

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